May 21, 2024

Green Capitalz Review

A broker is more than just a trade facilitator. As a matter of fact, a broker is also a trade partner, a teacher, an analyst, manager, assistant, a service provider and much more. To the contrary, a trader’s jobs are limited which primarily include ensuring availability of funds and decision making. So the question is that if broker has been doing so many things at a time then why it is not so important?

This is an incorrect question because for the purposes of trading, a broker is important than anything else. For this very reason, the trader dedicates its entire focus towards acquiring the best of the best trade broker. Green Capitalz is one such broker which is more than just a trade facilitator.

As Trade Partner

The broker is not just carving a trouble free passage for the trader into the trade markets but also it insists on considering it as trade partner. There is no shame in accepting the fact that a trader might need some financial help. When such a need arises, the only way forward for the trader is to get a loan from loan providing institutions or lend money from personal sources. But this is not a well-thought of strategy because trading is risky and obtaining a loan for trading can put further financial burden on the trader. So how this shortfall of funds can be made good, is the main question.

The broker answers this question very simply in the shape of ‘leverage’.

Leverage is one out of many features which are being offered by the broker. In the light of this ‘leverage’, zero mark-up based funds are granted to the broker so that the shortfall of funds can be made good. For instance, a trading requires US$ 100,000 but the trader has only US$ 25K but through leverage the remaining US$ 75k can be obtained from the broker. In this manner, both become partners for that particular trade position against which leverage option was utilized.

As A Teacher

The idea behind the broker being a teacher emerged when traders felt that they lacked knowledge of trading. This lacking has been often complained by a large number of traders working with other trading platforms. Luckily, the broker’s trading platform is no less than a teacher which is providing basic and hardcore knowledge of trading to its traders. For the purposes of obtaining this much needed education, broker’s traders just have to visit the online academy. There are more than enough resources in the forms of e-books, webinars, concept papers, private training sessions, podcasts etc.

As An Assistant

From time to time traders require assistance, which involves technical and non-technical supervisions. For technical solutions, the broker has integrated customer support department which remains available throughout the year. In the case of non-technical issues, similarly, advisory as well as managerial services too can be obtained on demand and at specific requests. So you need not to engage any assistants privately for assisting in trade initiative when you have one in the form of the broker.

As An Analyst

Lastly, a broker has to be a great analyst because it is on the basis of its analysis the trader executes his or her trade deals. The broker’s role as analyst can be examined through various means which include amongst others assessing of trade strategies and market analysis. Furthermore, the provision of live charting mechanisms, trade indicators, economic calendars all show how well the broker is performing the role of an analyst.

End Remarks

Considering all of the extravagant roles performed by Green Capitalz who wouldn’t be interested in joining the broker’s trading platform. Join it today and leave your worries aside because when trading with the broker you’ll never feel the need of a teacher, analyst, partner and assistant. The broker is unquestionably all in one. The broker is hence worth considering, especially when its offerings neither ends nor are they restricted to any explicit instruments of trade.

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