May 21, 2024
healthy eating

Why healthy eating should be your daily routine?

To stay healthy, it is very important to eat the diet, and it is important not only to eat the food but also to take it regularly and at the right time, many people eat breakfast at twelve o’clock in the morning, then some eat food late at night, which Is absolutely wrong, and it also has a bad effect on your health, so there are many people for whom eating food only means filling the stomach, even if they have to consume junk food, wrong eating routine Is not only begin to exert a negative impact on your body, but the lack of weakness, business nutrients in the causal body.

To keep life healthy, our food and drink should be fully employed. Complete planning of food is found in the sage tradition. Our saints and scholars avoided unnecessary eating. They used to take as much food as the body needed, because, unplanned eating makes our body sick and lazy. Junk food is the biggest example of this at present. It is having a wide impact on future generations. We should prepare delicious and nutritious food at home and give it to the children. Seasonal vegetables, fruits must also be included. This will make the future generation healthy, happy, and the country will also be stronger.

Eating a healthy diet is very important to stay healthy. By healthy diet, I mean a diet that has adequate amount of nutrients. One should always eat food mixed with green vegetables, fruits, poultry, fish, lentils, roti, rice etc. Use of potato should be reduced because it gives rise to many diseases. Do not overcook the vegetable or eat it, otherwise its nutrients are lost.

At least one glass of milk and one fruit must be eaten every day. Drink as much water as water is very beneficial for our health.

Eating food on time keeps your metabolism right, and if your metabolic rate starts decreasing, it causes you to suffer from problems like obesity, and when the body becomes obese it does not come alone. It brings with you a variety of diseases, that is why it is important that you take your diet on time, chew the food well, do not eat stale food, keep cold in the fridge. Eat after mass heating, and include all the necessary minerals in your diet, make a routine for your eating with it, so that you can stay healthy, then let’s know how your eating routine should be.

Do have breakfast in the morning and have it between eight to nine o’clock: –

Many people think that they skip breakfast and eat an apple, and then they will eat it in the afternoon, it is absolutely wrong, breakfast at the right time in the morning gives you energy for the whole day, along with you in the morning Juice etc. must be consumed during exercise, and if you do workouts, then after the workouts, in order to maintain your energy, eat fruit or juice etc., and while eating, especially in the morning, people fast Rte, thereby causing chewing not eat good food, you have to face problems related to digestion, so food must chewing consumed him good.

Take small miles: –

It is not that if you have breakfast in the morning, then you will be eating without till two o’clock, in the meantime you should take some snacks or you can also eat fruit salad etc., by doing this, your energy is maintained, and big and big. Instead of taking the big three miles, you should take six small miles, this will keep your stomach full, and at the same time you will not have to bother with problems like laziness, fatigue.

Lunch time: –

After having breakfast from eight to nine o’clock in the morning, you should also have lunch between 1 to 3 o’clock, by doing this you become a rule, which has a good effect on your digestive and metabolic rate, and many People think in the afternoon that something should be eaten from outside, but at the time of doing this you should eat a balanced nutritious diet so that your body can get energy, by doing this, let your morning Everyone in the middle of the night to eat lunch is the perfect time interval, which is why you also helps digest food.

If food and drink is not given in time, the future generation will become relatively weak physically mentally. To avoid this, coarse grains must be used in food. I believe that kitchen is the greatest doctor of man. If a nutritious, tasty and digestible food is made in the kitchen, no one will ever get sick. A campaign like Balanced India for balanced food is also needed.

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