February 22, 2024

The Secrets Behind Ryan Gosling’s Bomber Jacket

With its synthwave-scored, neon-soaked vibes and hypnotizing chase scenes, Drive quickly became a cult film. It was also a visual film and costumes played a major part in the movie’s narrative.

Since then, Gosling has starred in critically-acclaimed independent films and major studio releases, including Terrence Malick’s Song to Song and Damien Chazelle’s La La Land and Blade Runner 2049.

The jacket

From breaking hearts in romantic classics to making us shake our heads in neo-noir action flicks and gritty sci-fi, Ryan Gosling has earned his reputation as one of Hollywood’s most versatile rising stars. But he may be taking a step back from the spotlight, with a focus on offscreen roles as a director and singer.

He is still a heart-throb though, and his performance as an unnamed getaway driver in Nicolas Winding Refn’s 2011 film Drive remains a benchmark of his acting prowess. His stoic performance as a man willing to take extreme measures to protect the love of his life is what made Gosling so memorable.

But it was the jacket he wore that really sealed the deal. Made of white satin with a wide gold scorpion embroidery on the back, it perfectly complimented his dramatic character. To this day, it is one of the internet’s most searched outerwear pieces.

The unique design and premium materials of this jacket are what make it a must-have for both devoted fans and fashion enthusiasts alike. Its rib-knit design on the cuffs and collar provides a sleek appearance, while the drop-down snap-tab at the front adds a unique twist. Designed to make a statement, this bomber jacket is the perfect choice for men looking to add a touch of individuality and intrigue to their wardrobe.

The inspiration

Ryan Gosling has always been unafraid to take risks. He tried his hand at a short-lived gothic rock band in 2007, and he was on the Disney Channel’s Mickey Mouse Club with future music stars Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera, and Justin Timberlake a decade before that. He was also a professional dancer for a few years, and he continues to do stand-up comedy to this day.

His fearless approach to his work was exactly what Greta Gerwig wanted in her film about a man who tries to outrun the past that haunts him. Gerwig was inspired by Gosling’s comedic ability, especially his turn as a sleazy character on Saturday Night Live, and she knew that he would bring that same unflappable attitude to the role of Ken.

Gerwig’s team designed a jacket that would be both fitting and visually striking. They chose ivory-white satin fabric and added a wide golden scorpion embroidery on the back. The scorpion matched the look of Ken’s tattoo, and it helped to create a sharp silhouette for the actor.

The design took a few tries, but Erin Benach perfected it just an hour before shooting began. It was then that she knew that she had created a masterpiece. The jacket is now one of the internet’s most popular outerwear pieces. It’s a tribute to Gosling’s dedication to his craft and the courage of his characters.

The design

As if his acting prowess and smoldering good looks weren’t enough, Ryan Gosling also knows how to turn heads with his impeccable style. The Canadian heartthrob has earned his legion of fans with his sophisticated aesthetic and ability to melt hearts like ice cubes. Whether he’s breaking our hearts in romantic comedies or leaving us breathless with his intense performances in films like Drive, Gosling has a way of making hearts flutter faster than a hummingbird’s wings.

During the filming of Drive, Gosling donned this bomber white jacket as his character, the getaway driver, and left an impression on audiences. The jacket was crafted from ivory-white satin fabric and had quilted rhombus shape stitching detail on the collar, back and cuffs. It also had a yellow scorpion embroidered on the back, which made it stand out from regular bomber jackets. The unique design of this jacket made it instantly popular.

Since the release of the movie, the bomber jacket has gained a massive following. It is now one of the most searched jackets on the internet. This is mainly because of its unique design and premium quality material.

The satin sukajan has been championed by menswear’s most formidable tastemakers, including Kim Jones at Louis Vuitton, Valentino’s design duo and Alessandro Michele at Gucci. Even Drake, Harry Styles and Miguel own designer iterations of the show-stopping souvenir jacket.

The fabric

Gosling is a bona fide style icon. He’s a master of signature looks – from a side-parted ponytail and turbo clean shirting to his favoured slim-cut suits and aviator sunglasses. He mixes high-end with high street and cares about trainers but never goes full Russian-lad tracksuit. His coolness is a welcome balm to hyper-masculine streetwear that can sometimes feel a little too manic.

The key to his look is simplicity. A plain white t-shirt, worn as either a scoop neck or henley (with an open button collar) is his staple wardrobe piece. He pairs this with black jeans and a pair of Redwing boots.

When he wants to add a touch of edge, he’ll wear a bomber jacket over it. A satin version like the scorpion-emblazoned number he wore in Drive is a great choice, and you can easily find similar ones online. The Balmain varsity jacket in wool twill shine is the closest match, while Thom Sweeney’s Curzon slim-fit is a smarter alternative.

But if you want to get really close to Ken, try Acne Studios’ Ombreyo jacket in pink with detachable shearling hood. The Scandi label also has a blue version, and both would work well with black jeans and lace-ups.

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