May 21, 2024

The Perks of Using Artificial Intelligence for Cybersecurity

The purpose of artificial intelligence, or AI, as it is called is to simulate human intelligence, and it has a diverse range of applications, cybersecurity being one of them. As long as it is harnessed correctly, AI technology can be used for identifying new types of malware, generating alerts for threats and also protect confidential data of businesses. The latest technology news shows that there is a massive number of cyber threats that exist and keeping up with such a volume of threats is getting increasingly difficult. Artificial intelligence is the solution for any business that wants to thrive online.

If you are wondering what perks artificial intelligence can offer in terms of cybersecurity, you can check some of them out below:

  • Artificial intelligence continues to learn

As its name indicates, artificial intelligence is inherently intelligent and this ability is used for improving security with time. The technology uses deep learning and machine learning for understanding the workings of a business’s network, which means it identifies patterns. It then moves onto identifying any deviation from said patterns, or any security incidents before it responds to them. This can be helpful in improving security because the technology is able to highlight potential threats that have the same traits and block them early on. The fact that this technology continues to learn can make it difficult for hackers to beat it.

  • Artificial intelligence can handle lots of data

A business’s network is a happening place and even a mid-sized business will have lots of traffic. This means that there is a substantial amount of data being moved between the business and its customers. All of this data needs to be protected from cybersecurity risks and threats, but human beings are not capable of handling such massive amounts of data. This is where artificial intelligence proves to be vital because it can detect any threats that may be portrayed as regular activity. It is able to sort through massive chunks of data via its automated nature.<

  • Artificial intelligence identifies unknown threats

It is not possible for a security expert to identify all possible cybersecurity threats. They are human after all, which means they have their limits. Hundreds of millions of cyberattacks occur each year and unknown threats can be extremely damaging to any network. They can wreak havoc before they are detected, identified and eliminated. Artificial intelligence can be handy in these situations because this technology can map and stop unknown threats from affecting a company.

  • Artificial intelligence offers better overall security

The nature of the threats to a business’s network can change every now and then. Hackers don’t use the same tactics, which can make it difficult for a company to prioritize security tasks. A network may have to combat with a ransomware attack, phishing attack as well as a denial-of-service attack, all at the same time. This is where artificial intelligence can be useful because it is able to identify the different types of threats quickly. Most importantly, it can also prioritize the biggest threat and prevent it from happening, thereby minimizing damage as much as possible.

  • Artificial intelligence accelerates detection

The best way to prevent a company’s network against cybersecurity risks is through threat detection. The quicker they are detected, the quicker they can be addressed. It can help in preventing irreversible damage to a business’s network. Integrating artificial intelligence with cybersecurity can make a big difference in this situation because the technology will scan the entire system regularly in order to identify and detect any potential threats. In fact, it can also highlight possible loopholes in your security system and help you close them to strengthen your overall security.

In today’s business environment, it may not be easy to keep your network and data secured, but artificial intelligence can and does help you take a step forward when it comes to strengthening the overall security infrastructure.

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