May 21, 2024

The Latest Gym Wear Trends for Men in 2023

The line between casual wear and gym gear is more blurry than ever before. Pieces once reserved for a sweaty Pilates class can now easily translate to the office or your next drinks meeting.

Streetwear label Represent nails the look with this oversized hoodie, designed to pair well with wide leg joggers and sneakers. Smart tech comes in the form of cooling thermo-regulation and four-way stretch fabric.


A well-fitted gym outfit is no longer just about style, it can enhance your performance. In 2023, look out for tailored and compression fits that support muscle stability and improve circulation.

Whether you’re hitting the barbell or the treadmill, this sweat-banishing tank from Everlane will keep you cool throughout your workout. It’s also available in a selection of varsity-inspired hues that work just as well with your go-to joggers for Pilates class, or a pair of slim-fit jeans and loafers when you’re out for a drink after work.

This pair of short gym pants from Gymshark fuses the kind of branding that wouldn’t look out of place on Marty McFly or Rocky Balboa. They feature patented breathable technology to keep you fresh and dry during your gym session.


Bland, uninspired gym leggings are on the outs, with more versatile styles designed for a wide range of exercises, fits, occasions and more. Think flattering, flexible fabrics that look great in the studio and can easily be layered with pieces you might wear to a meeting or drinks after the gym.

Base layers aren’t just for warmth, either — they help with performance by keeping you cool and supporting your muscles. Check out these UA men’s compression shorts for example, with one-of-a-kind tech that’s sweat-wicking, anti-odour and breathable too.

Sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics are a growing trend in fitness clothing, with brands such as Gymshark setting the pace. Their tailored and compression fits are comfortable, practical and aesthetically pleasing too.


For many people, going to the gym isn’t just a place to burn calories but also to clear their minds. That’s why fitness-focused brands are putting fashion and style front and centre.

Australian sportswear label 2XU fuses fashion and function, with its performance fabric helping you perform better. Its compression gear is backed by real research, so you can feel the difference.

Streetwear brand Represent may be first and foremost about style, but its oversized tank is primed for the weight room. Its purple zebra-print mesh keeps sweat off your skin and has seams that stay away from where they’re likely to chafe.


If you’re looking for gym gear that will stand up to your rigourous workouts but still look good at the cafe, look no further than Allbirds. The eco-friendly trainer brand is releasing a new range of sweat-wicking training clothes in bright colours to suit a variety of men.

Its joggers are primed for running, but they’re also a great fit for CrossFit WODs and indoor sessions at the gym. They’re made from cosy jersey and performance polyester, with a flattering taper that will keep them looking as stylish when you hit the cafe as they do in the weights room.

Another staple style, Gymshark’s drop arm tank has a slimmer fit and features sweat-mapping mesh back panels optimised for high-intensity work. The brand’s iconic logo is embroidered on the chest and shoulders.

P.E. Nation

For some, going to the gym is a time of tranquility. It’s a chance to quietly meditate, get some fresh air and maybe even bust out a few reps.

But for others, it’s a chance to turn heads. And with that comes the need to keep your gym gear on point.

Street-meets-sportswear brand P.E Nation has spotted this gap in the market, with designs that blur the line between training and going-out outfits. This ‘Fortitude’ tank is built to go the distance, with breathable organic cotton that looks as supple as it feels. It’s also packed with anti-odour and sweat-banishing tech that can see you through a hardcore HIIT class.


The UK-based brand is a one-stop shop for all your bodybuilding needs, from protein powders and vitamins to workout and fitness tips. They also offer a range of clothing including tops, track pants, shorts and hoodies in both fitted and loose designs.

With a branding edge that wouldn’t look out of place on Marty McFly or Rocky Balboa, their ‘Retrowave’ shorts are a stylish addition to your gym kit. Pair with a neon bright singlet for your new year of personal bests. MyProtein offers nutritional information and guidance on their products, which helps you make informed purchases. The brand’s products are ethically produced too.


In addition to their affordable prices, Gymshark is committed to product innovation. They are constantly experimenting with new fabrics and designs to make their apparel more appealing to consumers. This approach has allowed them to establish a unique brand identity that sets them apart from other competitors.

In the early days of their business, Ben Francis sent samples to his favorite fitness YouTubers — long before influencer marketing was even a thing. This approach helped the brand gain a loyal following and achieve global recognition.

The North Face

Whether you’re chasing a new PB on the treadmill or kicking off your New Year of fitness goals with outdoor runs, your gear needs to perform. That means a good pair of training shorts that’ll take you from joggers to barefoot in no time, like these body-hugging styles from Gymshark.

Sweat-wicking fabrics are a must, and you can’t go wrong with this tank from Rhone, which is also anti-odour. Pair it with the matching Mako shorts for a streamlined look that will see you through a hard-nosed workout or an outdoor jog.

If you want a tank that’s as cool looking as it is functional, check out this piece from the sustainable brand CDLP. Its BallPark Pouch technology minimizes skin-against-skin friction for chafe-free training.

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