May 21, 2024
transcription troubles

Solution for transcription troubles

Many of us would have longed for a helping hand during the time of troubles, we seek every possible source to meet our immediate need. The lucky ones find it, but the majority won’t even reach a solution like us. If you’re one of the businessman/student seeking a professional transcription service, transcripts are the ultimate solution for all your troubles. The transcriptions done here are of outstanding and adept quality.

60,000 and growing delighted customers

A transcript has a strong and huge customer base. The ever-growing number of clients is the best example of the standard of output delivered by them. They offer transcription services that guaranty 100% customer satisfaction. This is the major reason for their consistent customer growth.  While many competitors are struggling hard to find customers, a transcript is focused only on satisfying the already existing hood of clients.

Prestigious ISO certification

The company has got an ISO 9001:2008 certification owing to its outstanding standards in the industry. The ISO certification can’t be attained by any ordinary company. Quality over quantity is the scale of measure for ISO. The site has kept on improving it standards since then and has not dropped below its level even once!

Round the clock customer support

Tracking the customer feedback and providing the necessary support to them whenever necessary are the two key features to magnify the client base. A company that has strong zones in these two facets can easily climb up the ladder of success. Transcripts have a professional and elite customer assistance team that very keenly monitor the needs of the customer and provide instant responses to their queries. This is very rare in an online service company, this feature has attracted lots of loyal clients towards them.

Talented and dedicated transcribers

The foundation for the quality of the company is the transcribers of the transcript; they put in a lot of effort to make sure that the projects are delivered on time sans flaws. These transcribers are recruited after a rigorous filtration process and are allotted projects based on their area of expertise.

So I firmly believe a transcript is an answer for all your transcription needs. Do check out the site for further information.

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