May 21, 2024

Finance Trading Track

The Finance specialization is one of the most popular Concentrations within the Finance Department at the undergraduate level. This program provides students with the knowledge and skills necessary to become effective traders in the financial markets. The course work in this Finance specialization is comprised of coursework focusing on the history and theories of international finance, derivatives, personal and institutional trading, risk management, and investment banking. Students will also learn about the most important financial market sectors, the global economy, and the policies and programs that affect it.

The twelve credit hours earned at this degree program are transferable towards the MSF degree in Finance (Masters). If you’re looking for a graduate level degree with a solid emphasis on this specialty, consider Masters in Finance with a focus on Global Finance Trading. This degree will provide you with the skills you need to become an effective manager of financial assets and markets. This Masters degree is especially helpful if you wish to be a banker or investment analyst. In fact, many banks and investment firms now require applicants with a Masters degree in finance trading.

There are several other finance trading tracks available to graduates with an Accounting background. The first two tracks I’ll discuss are Accounting and Economics, which is intended for students who already have a good academic knowledge of business principles and methods, with an additional emphasis on methods for economic data analysis. One requirement of this Finance track is that students must already have an adequate working knowledge of accounting concepts. The next two tracks are more general, and may be more useful for students without advanced business experience.

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