May 21, 2024
credit cards

Attractive promotions offered by credit cards

Each year credit card companies launch different cards, each catering needs of different consumers. Some cards have low limits and offer fewer rewards and some have higher limits with higher reward points. The type of credit card you can get depends on your credit score. You should also keep in mind your specific need. It is possible that you are eligible for a high credit card limit but you do not actually need that much limit. Having a credit card with such a high limit will just urge you to spend more than needed to be spent. You can visit different websites to analyze the top cards this year. All these cards offer different promotions and benefits that include:

Balance transfer credit cards:

Some companies offer promotions like transferring credit from all your cards to one card with a balance transferring fees depending upon the amount being transferred. These cards offer introductory zero or small interest rate period in which you can pay debts on the card with no or little interest charges. In this way, you can get rid of old debts. But one important point to consider is that you should discard using old cards as keeping so many credit cards with you will impact negatively your credit score.

Mostly, cards offered by the companies vary widely in range. They will differ in the credit limits and the promotional offers they are providing. Similarly, there are different cards for students, businessmen, and starters. You can select the one that matches your need.

Reward points:

Reward points are also offered by many cards. The more you spend, the more reward points you get. These points can be used to purchase different things. Large reward points get you comparatively expensive items like emergency lights, travel bags, and laptop covers but fewer points can also get you small stuff like pens, key chains, and things like that.

Another interesting feature of these cards is that they also get you to reward points that can be used during vacations. You can use them to get discounts on hotel meals, car rents, and other services during holidays. Some card companies collaborate with airline companies to offer discounts on plane tickets during certain times of the year and for some specific locations. You can get information about the top cards this year by searching online. These cards are specifically beneficial to those who travel frequently.

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