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Bakery Organic Flours Mixes
"Living food, Living life & Living well"
( bags of 2500 gr )

Sprouted bread is an unleavened simple food, full of whole grain nutrients with a moist grainy texture.

Bio-Dynamically grown grain is sprouted in filtered water, dried at low temperature and milled in to achieve a "flour" like texture in which the germ and bran fibre are retained. No Preservatives or coloring, No Dairy, No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt, No Eggs or other animal products used. Some Flours do not contain Gluten, all Yeast Free and always 1000 % ORGANIC !


sprouted baguette  

Note about our Bakery Mixes : We have made here a different kind of flour for the bakers :

The sprouting time used for our sprouted 400 gr flours in pouches has a minimum of 4 days.

The advantages are numerous but one main "inconvenience" for bakers is that this long sprouting period has "damaged", transformed the Gluten. Bread made with them looks like malt bread.

What a bread !

essene bread

In order to get a better traditional texture we have mixed them with Organic flours of lower sprouting time according to the grains used ( from a minimum of 1 day for the Kamut, Rye and Barley, x 2 for the Wheat and Spelt ). The result is a much better open structure and a better crust . Of course all the healthy benefits of the sprouted flours are still present (digestability) .

Sprouted wheat bread by Breadlink








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