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100% Organic Sprouted Flours Pouches
"Living food, Living life & Living well"
( Pouches of 400 gr enough to make a good size Bread)
Sprouted bread is an unleavened simple food, full of whole grain nutrients with a moist grainy texture. Bio-Dynamically grown grain is sprouted in filtered water, dried at low temperature and milled in to achieve a "flour" like texture in which the germ and bran fibre are retained. No Preservatives or coloring, No Dairy, No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt, No Eggs or other animal products used. Flours with a * do not contain Gluten, all Yeast Free and always 1000 % ORGANIC !

All about Baking Bread at Home

Why Bake Your Own Bread with Sprouted flours ?

The bread made with sprouted wheat or other like kamut, barley, spelt, millet, rice, quinoa etc is, as explainned in details in all our pages, always a superior alternative because sprouting deactivates some of the anti-nutrients (phytates) and converts some of the starch to proteins and fats.

Bread is one of our staple food and in the quest for lower costs, mass produced bread began to be made by a new process in the 1960s, which reduced the amount of time and labour involved. This process, known as the Chorleywood process, involved more mechanical input but also increased amounts of salt, sugar and the addition of chemical improvers. (wonder bread process )

Some people link this fundamental change in the bread making process with an increase in wheat (or gluten) intolerance otherwise known as Coeliac disease amongst the population in the UK. There has been a small consumer revolt against this industrially produced bread, driven more by a desire for taste rather than plastic bread. This, of course, has been taken as an opportunity by the supermarkets to produce speciality and organic breads although they're reticent to discuss the production methods. Those 'instore bakeries' often just take a chilled loaf and cook it rather than actually make it. You can buy traditionally produced bread from craft or artisan bakeries, but at a premium price, obviously. I'm afraid cheap prices are usually at the cost of quality and if you want decent bread you either pay the premium or make your own.

Having covered the health benefit of making your own bread (reduced salt and chemical inputs) rather than industrial bread, the next benefit is cost. Buying in your flour with Breadlink will save you money on buying bread from a shop. Yes, it will take time but not a lot, and if you batch bake, you can freeze bread.

Nota : But since your own bread is not full of "yummy preservatives", it will go stale more quickly and may grow mouldy faster. Makes you wonder how good that industrial bread is for you when even mould growth is slowed on it. Because you can make whatever size loaf you wish, you can make your loaves to fit your daily needs. If you eat 300g in a day, then make 300g loaves. Your own bread can be made as you like, various types of flour are available and you can even mix different types of flour to make a bread you like. Then you can make different shapes from the traditional tin loaf to rolls, braided breads and baguettes, whatever you fancy.

Your own bread will taste better than anything you can buy from the supermarkets, the traditional process enables flavour to develop that is replaced with added salt and enhancers in industrial bread. Finally, you can't beat the smell of baking bread. The whole house smells wonderful when it's in the oven. So, time to see how easy it is

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Following a massive requests from home Bread Makers we are happy to propose online a selection of our Sprouted Range. The seeds after germination have been stabilised, before coarse grounding, with slow heat dehydratation whith incapsulation of their vitamins and other nutrients.

They comply with RAWFOODS requirements. You can also use our mixes for Bread making of course. They will always restitute to your body the full amount of their goodness.


All our sproutings are 100% Organic

sprouted wheat

Flour made from Sproutings

Instructions to make excellent bread, biscuits, muffins, tortillas, pancake, brownies etc... See recipe Page Please








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