You can now with Breadlink make your Own :
1200 gr of ORGANIC whole grains of
Enough to make after sprouting
about x 6+ of 400 gr of delicious loafs for only* :

pilgrim price

*Average price inclusive of yeast & energy used

The Bio-Dynamically grown grains are sprouted and filtered in fresh water and unlike the flour the bread is baked from the fresh ingredients.

No Preservatives or coloring, No Dairy, No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt, No Eggs or other animal products used. Flours with a * do not contain Gluten, all Yeast Free and always 1000 % ORGANIC !

Make Pilgrim Bread with :
The amount once sprouted enables you to make several tasty loafs


  1. Soak the different grains for 12 hours;
  2. Sprout the different grains for 3 days.
  3. Put in a bowl the different ingredients once sprouted ; Mix well.
  4. Ground all blended ingredients in your Robot Chef, or a Juicer.
  5. Make each bread about 400 gr, rectangular about 7 cm high in tin prviously greased with olive oil.
  6. Incorporate the grains of 1 fresh corn previously boiled.
  7. Put in the oven a water recipient and rise temperature to 115°C
  8. When its hot put your bread and bake 2 h15
  9. Live it to cool before removing it from the tins.
  10. Your Pilgrims bread will keep very well. Some people add a tea spoon of honey, others yeast or even spices.
  11. The ancient people for themselves were used to mix equal % of each ingredients...

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