organic chocolate

70 gr : Box of 10 units
-From Tanzania
-From Rep Dominc.
-From Peru
-Black 70% + orange
-Milky & Fleur de Sel
-White Chocolate
45 gr : Box of 15 units
-Black 70% + Nougat
-Milky & Coconut
-Black 70% + Hazelnuts

All Certified by Ecocert


Organic Chocolate "Pauline"


There aren't many people in the UK who don't enjoy the odd piece of chocolate while organic chocolate allows you to indulge with a little less guilty feelings ! The popularity of organic chocolate has rocketed in the last few years, and although availability has also increased increased in the same time, organic chocolate is still considered something of a speciality, and as such there are some intresting varieties origins and flavours out there to try.

We follow our passion for excellence here with our premium chocolates, but not only, to bring you a product that will delight your palate, ignite your imagination and inspire you to think and act sustainably! Be a part of our movement to save our planet and its capacity to nurture and sustain all living things. We can’t do it without you!

Organic chocolate is essentially created using cocoa beans which have not suffered heavy pesticide spraying while many products on the market can also lay claim to being fair trade certified in the same time. This means that the cocoa and sugar farmers involved in the process are guaranteed to receive a fair price for their produce, helping improve their quality of life.