30th of March 2013 : We have opened a coffee shop in Hemel Hempstead to also be used as a show room for our Roastino coffee business

25th of September 2012 : We have invested heavily to restructurate a foreign company that is now building for us professional coffee roasters able to process 1, 2 or 5 kg of green coffee beans together with 3 kg grinders. We will also suplly ( to the trade only ) organic green coffee beans of the best origins. Our new TM Roastino brand will be dedicated to be the vehicle of this new venture.
Watch that space >>

10th of August 2012 : We are pleased to announce that we will be present at the Treating Autism conference that take place in Uxbridge at Brunel University conference venue on the 9th of September. Dr Luc Montagnier will explain the Role of Bacterial Infections in Autism. Dr Montagnier is the President of the World Foundation Aids Research and Prevention, associated with U.N.E.S.C.O, Professor Emeritus at the Pasteur Institute, and Director of Research, Emeritus, C.N.R.S. In 2008 he was a shared recepient of The Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicinefor his discovery of the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). Dr Montagnier is part of Chronimed group of researchers and clinicians that focuses on studying chronic diseases, both from biological and clinical perspective:"Our working hypothesis is that immune dysfunction associated with  inflammation of the intestinal mucosa, leads to the introduction of  bacterial components, including neurotoxins, into the bloodstream, creating oxidative stress as well as microvascularities, especially  affecting meningeal vessels, and finally neuronal damage. ... much research is still needed to strengthen this  hypothesis, but our goal here is have the medical community and the  parents aware of these opportunities for immediate treatment ..."(quote taken from article 'Autism: the Microbial Track'). View French television news report: 'Treating Autism with Antibiotics', featuring the work of Dr Montagnier and his CV

UPDATE 10/09/2012


17th of July 2012 : ONLY 11 days to the Start of the Olympics Olympic
Route Network (ORN):
The ORN is the system of road changes to allow the Games family to get to their destination on time
ORNs across major roads in London but also in Slough, Weymouth, Essex and Cheshunt
NO deliveries possible from 06:00 to midnight
If you have pallets for a delivery point on the ORN, these can only be delivered at NIGHT
No goods will be tendered without being booked in first.
Surcharge of £50 per pallet will be applied.

22nd of June 2012 : We have appointed an agent to distribute our products in Denmark, Norway and Sweden

10th of May 2012 : Awaiting our delivery of bakery sprouted flour. The Largest ever 33 metric tons with 22 pre-ordered ! They should be with us next week. We will write soon of what's new. Watch this space for the relevant link.

26th of February 2012 : We invite you all if you are near London to attend our venue with Wise Tradition ( Weston A Price ) on 17th March at Epsom Downs Racecourse. (Read more about this foundation that we support).

5th of February 2012 : Our Facebook for Helichrysum Italicum is online now (here) take advantage today of this Corsican magical plant

14th December 2011 : Do you know anything about Helichrysum Italicum , THE essential oil ? learn all about our new brand here...

24th October 2011 : In view of all the exhibitions to be attended in 2012 and the opening of our new bakery we are also working right now to optimise your web2 experience online, both with & together with a new integrated facebook of third generation. Watch that space for a fresh, natural and gentle approach to health, no botox involved..

25 June 2011 : We will be closed for annual vacation from the 1rst of July and will be re-open for business on the 28th of July. Last expedition on the 30th of June for orders received the day before.

24 June 2011 : From end of July 2011, after our vacation, make your Essene Bread with a real Masticater ( see here )

23 June 2011 : Buy only your sprouts from reliable organic suppliers in order to avoid nasty surprises.....

20 May 2011 : You can buy now in London delicious and healthy fully baked Sprouted bread with the prestigious Wholefood Market.

10 May 2011 : A full range of prepared Organic Olives will soon be available with us. We are at the moment having tasting panels with the products sent from several companies in order to select only the best. We are trying to list retail packs but also buckets for Delicatessen and Restaurants.

6 May 2011 : And the Piment d'Espelette : do you know ? soon to be listed by Breadlink in its Organic version.... to be followed...

5 May 2011 : We have placed new orders with Saveurs et Nature (the chocolate artisan ), Naturgie ( the low glycemic index fruit spread ) and the honeys from Famille Mary. All products are Organic and only available in the UK with Breadlink and Mymill.

21 April 2011 : Easter is here . A big thank you to all of you for the favour of your purchase and trust. Today's collections have been sent with Parcel Force. All orders received from now on (17h00) will expedited Tuesday the 26th of April.

4 April 2011 : We are happy to announce the future UK availaibility of Milling Equipment. Manufactured in Germany this Mill can process 180 gr/min of grains, seeds or even some pulses in order to mill them into high quality fine flours. Follow this space...

07 April 2011 : Our team is now actively working to compile a range of "Gluten Free" products that will innovatives include new lines as well as existing ones. Our organic coffees are in stock now. We will soon let you have news about our new lines of Chocolates, Fruit spreads and Honeys.

06 April 2011 : Our sale offer is still getting stronger with the adjunction of execeptional Organic Chocolates without lecithin and already announced last month, our low glycemic Fruit Spreads and Jams. Our awaited coffees will be here before the end of this week.

29 March 2011 : March has been a very busy month for us with several new lines selected by our buyers. We will maintain our efforts announcing 2 new family of products soon in our range >> Organic and Fair trade Coffees from exotic places with Lobodis and Organic and low GI Jams... More infos next week...

28 March 2011 : We are very happy to announce the proximity of our first delivery of a Barley Grass juice called "Green Magma" from Dr Hagiwara. A super detox and health booster. Watch our space for extra savings with Mymill...

Also the speciality bread from sprouted flours will arrive : Ezekiel, Essene, Amish, Quaker together with the acclaimed Chapatis mix... New also will be the lentils flours made from sprouted lentils .

14 March 2011 : New lines for a 29th of March delivery : we will receive the organic pruneaux d'Agen , the white long rice of Camargue and the Fleur de sel from Noirmoutier. Also for the Bakers the Pure Gluten...

13 March 2011 : We will have a very special trade offer all April 2011 for the traditional T55 French Organic Flour. POA for a minimum purchase of x 30 bags of 25 kg each.

8 March 2011 : The whole range of Speciality Sprouted flours is announced and forcasted to arrive early April 2011; Details here.

1 March 2011 : The Ezekiel Sprouted Flour mix will be soon available in 400 gr pouches. It is made with 50% wheat + 10% spelt + 10% Barley + 10% Aduki + 10% lentis + 10% millet just like the recipe present in the Bible at Ezekiel 4:9, "Take also unto thee Wheat, and Barley, and Beans, and Lentils, and Millet, and Spelt, and put them in one vessel, and make bread of it." In times of lent this is a product most welcome.

9 February 2011 : Les huiles Vigean have appointed Breadlink as their exlusive distributor for the UK . Discover their organic oils ,( most are suitable for Raw foodists ) . Their first delivery is booked in our store the 29th of March.

5 February 2011 : Jean Hervé has arrived on our shelves and is available exclusively for Breadlink for its very high quality spreads and butters made with hazelnuts, almonds and other dry fruits.

18 January 2011 : Breadlink is very happy to announce the collaboration with Euro-Nat the promoter of organically farmed products with brands such as Primeal, Bisson, Le Pain des Fleurs, Douce Nature and Ecodoo.

5 January 2011 : Our new shop Mymill is online....

12 October 2010 : Soon available in exclusivity for Breadlink, all the range from the famous Celnat company in France. Probably the best you can find in the field of oranic grain, pulses and various specialities

8 September 2010 : La Vannerie de Villaine is available now in the UK and all his range is distributed by Breadlink with bakers, but not only. Request a quote please from this family own Coop making high quality lines of wicker baskets.

22 August 2010 : Besides our Sprouted flours, started in the UK back in March this year, our company has secured the exclusive distribution of Organic flours from one of France most important Miller, la minoterie Dupuy Couturier

01 March 2010 : Our sprouted flours are now ready to be presented with our new web site here at "Breadlink". Fully organic they are a Raw food made in France, certified by Ecocert. Two distinct ranges are available with the 400 gr pouches (pure and sprouted for days ) and 2,5 kg ( mixes with a shorter sprouting of about 1 day ).