Farmers may use animal by-products in feed again

On the 9th of June the CNA - alimentation has published the following document (found here) and reproduced here by us in pdf.

Traduction to follow

Establishment of animal meal in feed for animals intended for human consumption

Chairman: Cecile MOIROUD
Rapporteur: Dominique Vermersch

Plenary meeting of the NAC -
Strasbourg, 31 May 2011

Mandate of the Working Group

Study within the context of discussions conducted at community level, timing and conditions for the possible reintroduction of processed animal protein (PAP) in animal nutrition, ruminant excluded

Strictly medical aspects have been entrusted to the cove, the NAC has, meanwhile, aims to study the issue from other angles, including that of social acceptability,

Work started in October 2010, the draft opinion to be submitted to the vote at the plenary session in September 2011

To date, seven meetings and 12 experts interviewed.

Lifting of an animal health

Following the disease called "mad cow" of the years 1990-2000, the European authorities have decided to introduce a measure of animal health to ban the use of processed animal proteins in feed for animals intended for human consumption.

A police measure is intended to provide or restore public order. If the breach or threatened breach of public order disappear, the police measure is intended to be fitted or to be lifted in light of changing conditions that had led to its adoption. On the legal front, the possible lifting of the ban would restore freedom in economic matters including the various actors.

This is what the European Commission, subject to strict conditions. The details of the proposals outlined in the roadmap for No. 2 is from July 2010.

The findings of the Working Group

  • Health situation now under control,
  • There is no risk to human health,
  • An economic benefit variable or uncertain, according to sectors,
  • Reliable tests being validated,
  • Growing need for protein for animal feed
  • Factories processing animal by-products mainly specialized
  • Likely environmental benefits,
  • The issue of conservation of fishery resources,
  • Specifications to revisit,
  • An ethic of communication essential.

The findings of the Working Group

To date, the aquaculture industry is the one that best satisfies the various requirements identified:

The manufacturing of fish feed are dedicated, thereby minimizing the risk of cross contamination Detection methods available today can identify many processed animal protein from cattle, Of animal by-products are already licensed and used for the feeding of farmed fish, The issue of conservation of fishery resources arises with increasingly acute.

First tracks of recommendations

Health conditions that led to the banning of PAT in food animals for human consumption is now outdated, lifting of the animal health
Limited authorization, in a first step, the aquaculture sector in light of its specific features,
In a second step, and after an assessment of benefits and risks, possible extension to the feed for pigs and poultry
Discussions between all sector stakeholders on the specifications now in place,
Enhanced communication to the consumers.



It couldn't happen again. Could it?

Feed is the major route for transmission of BSE among cattle, according to veterinary medicine experts at Iowa State University; Now the reintroduction of proteins in the feeding of animals is prescribed again ! (first in Fish, they say, and not in ruminants).

MCD, BSE, CJD, and vCJD are all members of a class of diseases called transmissible spongiform encephalopathies (TSE).

We say NO ! We had enough of BSE.

Major food writer (see link below) writes: "Logic says it isn't right to feed animal waste products to animals, but many animals are carnivorous. We simply can't afford to go on wasting food, for humans or animals, in the way we do."

Breadlink says : "Spot on Let's stop wasting food for humans by feeding it to animals"

Farmers may use animal by-products in feed again

The European Union is keen to reintroduce practices banned on farms since the 'mad cow' scandal broke ( see traduction on the left )

Mean while, rightly In 2008 the Sunday times was predicting a new wave of Mad Cow Desease

Further more and in the same time scientists create cloned cow that produce human milk.

Has the world gone mad ?

Sign our petition here please.


Do we want this again >>











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