Bore, Calcium, Chlore, Chrome, Cobalt, Cuivre, Fer, Iode, Magnésium, Nickel, Phosphore, Potassium, Sélénium, Sodium, Soufre, Zinc… + 50 autres minéraux à l’état de traces.

Béta-carotène (A), Biotine, Choline, Acide Folique, Niacine, Acide Pentothenique, Vitamine B1, Vitamine B2, Vitamine B3, Vitamine B6, Vitamine B12, Vitamine C, Vitamine E, Vitamine F, Vitamine K, Vitamine PP.

Aspartate Aminotransferase, Catalase, Cytochrome Oxidase, Dnase, Acide Gras Oxidase, Hexokinase, Malic dehydrogenase, Nitrate reductase, Peroxidase, Phosphatase, Phospholipase, Polyphenoloxidase, Rnase, Superoxide Dismutase, Transhydrogenase.

Alanine, Arginine, Acide Aspartique, Cystine, Acide Glutamique, Glycine, Histidine, Isoleucine*, Leucine*, Lysine*, Methionine*, Phenylalanine*, Proline, Serine, Threonine*, Tryptophane*, Tyrosine, Valine*.

(*) the 8 essential Amino Acids


Alpha-Carotène, Béta-Carotène, Vitamine C, Vitamine E, 2’’-0 – Glycolsylisovitexine, Chlorophylle, Catalase, SOD (Superoxyde Dismutase), Sélénium.




Frequently asked questions about Green Magma

1) What are the differences between the juice of barley grass and wheat grass juice?

In both cases, these are grass juice cereals that provide a range of interesting micro-nutrients. Barley is a grain that has been much less modified through the centuries and which is close to the older varieties, unlike wheat. The barley grass juice has a taste more bitter than the juice of wheat grass, which is an advantage to balance our daily diet because the bitterness is beneficial for the proper functioning of certain organs.

The juice of barley grass provides one of its antioxidants 2-0 - Glycosylisovitexine (2-0-GIV), which turns out to be a very powerful antioxidant, whose presence was detected only in barley grass .

2) What are the differences between the GREEN MAGMA and other barley grass juice?

First, there are products that resemble nothing so much to the juice of barley grass but are not. This is a barley grass dried after harvest and reduced to powder Unlike a juice obtained by squeezing the herb to extract all its vital essence. Yoshihide Hagiwara, causing the GREEN MAGMA, took the precaution of removing the fibrous part of the grass because humans lack the digestive enzymes to digest this part. So gross like that barley grass powder is contributing to the elements not only unnecessary, but even unpleasant at any reactions in people sensitive to the intestine.

Other products: those made from 100% juice of barley grass. Apparently, it seems both more natural and beneficial. In reality, these simplified products oxidize easily and have a shelf life shorter. Once opened, they deteriorate very quickly, thus losing much of their effectiveness. To resolve this problem, Yoshihide Hagiwara had the idea to encapsulate the particles in MAGMA GREEN crystals of carbohydrates in the form of maltodextrin. This is a very advantageous to prevent oxidation of the juice of barley grass and make it a long active product.

GREEN MAGMA is also among its ingredients a small portion of brown rice flour (organic and GMO-free, like all the other ingredients) for a regular size and give a more soluble unlike barley grass juice rough tend to be lumpy.

3) What are the differences between the seeds germinated, the seedlings of barley and barley grass?

Sprouts are usually obtained over a period of 3 days by germinating seeds in the dark variety. The benefits of regular consumption of sprouts are well recognized: intakes of vitamins, trace elements, etc.. The young shoots of barley are usually obtained by germinating seeds of barley and then allowed to grow in the light for about one week shoot that turns into a light green grass. The green color reflects chlorophyll production through photosynthesis.

Barley grass it is obtained over a long period of growth (from 3 to 9 weeks depending on season) in the field and in direct sunlight, which gives the grass juice that is extract a greater nutrient density as the young shoots of grass hydroponics. According to Dr. Hagiwara, the darker green of the grass is a sign of greater wealth in minerals.

In terms of energy, as defined in the Oriental tradition, we can say that sprouts up at night, lunar energy, while barley grass grown in the sun, solar power brings. These energies are complementary.

4) What are the differences between the fresh grass juice prepared at home and GREEN MAGMA?

In general, people who grow wheat grass or barley grass home, do so in hydroponics (without soil) and under artificial lighting. Under these conditions, the growth of grass is only by feeding on seed and grass should be cut after a few days on pain of withering.

Barley grass used for GREEN MAGMA is grown in California, in a very environmentally friendly, on land naturally very fertile, and under an intense sun. Growth lasts 3 weeks in summer and 9 weeks in winter. The result is an herb rich in minerals, vitamins, enzymes, including many anti-oxidants.

The manufacturing process of GREEN MAGMA best preserves all micro-nutrients in barley grass, in particular through two processes invented by Dr. Hagiwara. The first is to transform powdered juice freshly squeezed by spraying in a tank subjected to high vacuum to evaporate the water content in 3 or 4 seconds at a temperature of 39 ° C only. This process patented by Dr. Hagiwara very advantageously replaces the freeze as temperatures fell sharply negative assimilation of micro-nutrients.

The second method is to use maltodextrin (sugar slowly obtained from non-GMO organic corn) for embedding in their crystallization sealed particles barley grass and avoid being oxidized. GREEN MAGMA is thus well protected from oxidation and is the equivalent of a fresh juice for a very long shelf life. This does not contain organic maltodextrin, mono sodium glutamate.

There is also an important benefit of GREEN MAGMA compared to barley grass juice made from fresh domestic culture: the microbiological quality of the product GREEN MAGMA laboratory with a constant concern for cleanliness and purity. Barley grass is harvested washed thoroughly with cold water to both reduce bacterial contamination and with the cold, avoid any oxidation. Analyses showed a distinct advantage over the plan to GREEN MAGMA. It follows that if you produce your own barley grass juice, must be made each time a flush of grass and thoroughly clean your juicer to prevent this health drink is a vector bacterial contamination.

5) What are the differences between the juice of barley grass and mono-cellular algae like spirulina and chlorella?

In his search for a dietary supplement usually beneficial, Dr. Hagiwara has worked on more than 200 plants, including spirulina and chlorella, grown also in Japan. These single-cell algae are cultured in freshwater in a closed environment, which is much less natural than organic farming in open fields. More importantly, as the point of view of traditional medicine in the Far East, these single-cell algae proliferate with great speed, which corresponds to a profoundly yin. Consumption of food is very yin with time an element of imbalance. Barley grass is growing slowly - 3 to 9 weeks from sowing a grass height of 30 cm ready to be harvested - more suited to clean energy to maintain or expand our health in a temperate climate.

Chlorella also has the handicap of a very hard shell made of chitin (the same material as the nails) and must be crushed with great force in order to open its cells and be assimilated. This technique opens the way for the oxidation.

In contrast, Dr. Hagiwara was able to give instruction as to extract the juice of barley grass not to apply maximum pressure to get the best performance because he wanted to preserve integrity of the cell juice to reduce the risk of oxidation during processing and storage. On the other hand, the cereal grasses develop a root system that draws in the soil and allows the plant to feed on minerals. The result is a mineral content of barley grass juice than that of single-celled algae such as spirulina or chlorella.

These single-celled algae are richer in protein and chlorophyll and are deemed particularly effective to decontaminate heavy metals. The barley grass juice is also active in this respect there, it certainly comes from the many synergies between the components of the juice.

Dr. Hagiwara had their favorite juice, barley grass because of the richness and variety of its high nutritional content. Experience has shown over 30 years the wisdom of his choice.

6) Why there is there no nutritional values listed on the box of GREEN MAGMA?

Nutritional values may vary from batch to batch on a product that has only a few weeks of growth cycle. In this context, the Directorate of Consumer forbids us to provide nutritional value.

This does not prevent the product from being very active, because in all cases, we have a complete product - very balanced, with the widest range of micro-nutrients, processed keeping all components in their natural state (not including lyophilization).

7) The GREEN MAGMA is it more effective in powder or tablet form?

The powder and tablets correspond to two different uses.

When you're home and we can take the GREEN MAGMA at least 20 minutes before breakfast or lunch, it is preferable to prepare a juice from barley grass powder. You can keep every sip in the mouth and thus to benefit the oral cavity of the benefits of ownership of cleansing chlorophyll and also enable the assimilation of sub-lingual act before ingesting a mouthful. This route is slightly more effective than tablets.

The tablets are taken early breakfast or a meal to be well disintegrated in the stomach. They are a convenient way to enjoy the GREEN MAGMA when you're traveling, restaurant, hiking ... It is also for people who can not get used to the taste of barley grass juice, a way to consume anyway GREEN MAGMA. At the moment Breadlink is only keeping the 80 gr powder in stock.

8) What is the ideal dosage?

The word brings to mind a dose medication while the GREEN MAGMA is a concentrated food, rich in micro-nutrients that can be consumed in reasonable doses throughout the year. Over 30 years experience of consumption of this product can say it is unnecessary to exceed the dose of 10 g per day for an adult, this split into 2 or 3 doses.

For those who prefer the reconstituted juice: the maintenance dose for adults is 3 grams, or 10 ml (capacity of the pod that came with the optional Shaker) or more approximately one teaspoon bulging.

For those taking tablets, 8 tablets are these 3 grams.

We can say that a daily dose of 3 g is a good way to improve nutrition also balanced and alive. At first, it should start with small doses to avoid possible reactions because the barley grass juice is a powerful detoxifying. It is for everyone to find doses that are suitable in terms of its sensitivity, the quality of their diet and activity level.

9) After how long the GREEN MAGMA is it effective?

It can not be one answer because each person is different. For a healthy person and apparently in full form, the potential gains will often occur after 2 or 3 months, provided they take about 6 or 9g per day, 2 or 3 doses.

For a person who suffers from a severe disability, the benefits are usually felt within a few weeks.

Nevertheless, it should not seek quick results and to begin gradually as these young barley grass growing vigorously few weeks in the sun have in some ways the strength of wild plants. Some very sensitive people may feel the effects much more quickly (within a few days only). Among the effects, the most frequently mentioned are better bowel function, better skin appearance, better sleep and improved memory, greater energy and stamina.

10) I just started a course of GREEN MAGMA, and I have reactions. Should I stop?

We know of no indication with juice of barley grass GREEN MAGMA. Whenever people have reported symptoms of reaction, returning to very small doses, then re-increasing the dose very gradually, these problems have disappeared. But it is not excluded from having to take a short break.
GREEN MAGMA is a very active and those responsible must introduce toxins in the juice very gradually very cleansing chlorophyll. The rebalancing action in acid-alkali has also caused some discomfort for those who suffer - sometimes without the knowledge itself - hyper acidity. GREEN MAGMA then played the role of developer and allowed them to contact their doctor to treat this problem.

Other people on anti-coagulant (eg because of the placement of a heart valve) are rightly worried by the presence of vitamin K in the GREEN MAGMA. What is remarkable in that barley grass juice is that all components are balanced - we have the totum of the plant - and does not constitute cause problems. Of course, more than ever, it is important to introduce the GREEN MAGMA very gradually because a hyper sensibility is never excluded.

11) In case of illness, can I take GREEN MAGMA?

When sick, with some exceptions and special diet or fasting, it is more important than ever to eat a varied and balanced. GREEN MAGMA is involved in this case to a healthy diet. In addition, its high chlorophyll acts to detoxify and is rich in antioxidants helps to enhance natural immunity, which is positive in all cases. GREEN MAGMA also has the property to rebalance acid-alkaline level in people who have an environment too acidic.

People who have health problems should always inform their physician of their daily diet and any significant changes, including the dietary supplement. Many people with mental health have found significant improvements after regular use of GREEN MAGMA. This is quite understandable because the maxim of Hippocrates "Let thy food be thy medicine" is checked very well with the introduction of barley grass juice. The power still has its role to play in case of illness.

12) The GREEN MAGMA right for a pregnant woman?

In this period important to the future of the unborn baby, it is very desirable to have a life and the healthiest diet possible. Supplementation GREEN MAGMA into this framework ... provided they are introduced gradually to avoid any reaction because the action of chlorophyll is detoxifying. Depending on the content more or less important for food and living expenses, you can take one to two teaspoons a day bent (1 tsp in the morning 20 minutes before breakfast and 1 teaspoon 20 minutes before lunch for example). GREEN MAGMA fills the most common deficiencies in the daily diet and optimizes a balanced diet.

13) I breastfeed my baby, can I take GREEN MAGMA?

The best food for babies is breast milk of course, especially when the mother has a very balanced diet and bio. She gives her baby through breastfeeding, the quality of his daily diet. So if the mother's supply additonal GREEN MAGMA, the baby will benefit. The ideal in this case would be to start this supplementation during pregnancy. Otherwise, it takes more than ever very gradually introduce the juice of barley grass for a smooth transition to this new regime of improved nutrient density.

14) The GREEN MAGMA is it appropriate for infants?

In the case where the baby is no longer breastfed, we can incorporate GREEN MAGMA in the bottle. Doses are adjusted for example by starting a 3 month old baby by a bottom of a teaspoon once a day then 2 times per day, etc.. This is equivalent to give a little juice of green vegetables of the highest nutritional quality. Being attentive to your baby, you'll adjust the quantities to suit him.

15) Can we eat GREEN MAGMA all year?

Yes of course because it is a food equivalent to fresh greens, but the period when the juice of barley grass is proving the most indispensable is when one has no access to fresh vegetables really (city life, the winter period, period of travel with restaurant meals ...).

16) The GREEN MAGMA can replace a meal?

GREEN MAGMA is a food supplement and not replace a full meal. But it still provides many nutrients our modern diet is often deficient. It remains the most comprehensive dietary supplement and may, very occasionally, allow to skip a meal.

17) Is there gluten in barley grass juice?

The word "barley" is reminiscent of ... grain that contains gluten. This is the juice of barley grass and grass does not contain the slightest trace of gluten.

18) Does GREEN MAGMA brings vitamin C ?

The barley grass juice provides vitamin C (about 32 mg per 10g GREEN MAGMA maximum recommended daily dose) which is an important contribution because it seems important synergies within the totum juice of barley grass. This contribution included vitamin C is one of the benefits of barley grass juice compared to Spirulina does not contain them.

19) Does GREEN MAGMA brings vitamin B12 ?

Yes, repeated analysis confirmed the presence of vitamin B12, which is particularly interesting for people who are vegetarian or vegan.

20) Does phytoestrogens found in grass juice have a feminizing action in men?

Phytoestrogens in plants, dietary intake, are good for men as for women. They play the role of pre-estrogen and not likely to develop breast men but rather to help make them thin, muscular, full fitness because the body is so intelligent that it can direct the production of hormones in this way or that according to our sex and demand.

The men who imagine that risk are certainly confusion between estrogen and estrogen pseudo found in plastics such as phthalates. These pseudo estrogens cause a hyper stimulating hormone receptors and feminize animals and men (this has been well described in "The Man endangered" by Editions Terre Vivante).

Phytoestrogens to help them protect against the risk of feminization by blocking the access of pseudo estrogen to estrogen receptors. In fact they avoid hyper-stimulation by the nickname of estrogen and other pollutants like phthalates.

Phytoestrogens were found in more than 300 common foods, including:

- Legumes: soybeans (ie tofu, etc..), Lentils, chick peas, various beans and peas.
- Garlic
- Celery
- Oil seeds like flax, sesame, pumpkin, sunflower
- Cereals like rice, oats, wheat, barley, rye
- Fruits: apples, plums, cherries, citrus (lemon, orange, grapefruit, etc.).
- Vegetables including broccoli, carrots, rhubarb and potatoes
- Herbs and spices, including cinnamon, fennel, parsley.

A dose of 3 g of barley grass juice powder GREEN MAGMA is equivalent to about one and a half servings of green vegetables. It remains in a dosage food in relation to various micro-nutrients provided by dietary supplement that is a very safe food.

Green Foods, which distributes the juice of barley grass for over thirty years in Japan and more than twenty years the U.S. has identified no adverse effects in terms of sexuality. Instead, the testimony of the authors of studies on this product clearly confirm the statements positive for both sexes and all ages.

There are many sports people who take the juice of barley grass GREEN MAGMA at 9 to 10 g per day and who will do well in all respects without side effects.