You can now with Breadlink make your Own :
400 gr pouches


The Bio-Dynamically grown grains are sprouted and filtered in fresh water and unlike the flour the bread is baked from the fresh ingredients.

No Preservatives or coloring, No Dairy, No Flour, No Sugar, No Salt, No Eggs or other animal products used. Flours with a * do not contain Gluten, all Yeast Free and always 1000 % ORGANIC !

Make Essene Bread with :
The amount once sprouted enables you to make several tasty loafs


    If you make it from the grains :

  1. Soak the different grains for 12 hours;
  2. Sprout the different grains for 3 days.
  3. Put in a bowl the different ingredients once sprouted ; Mix well.
  4. Ground all blended ingredients in your Robot Chef, or a Juicer.
  5. Make each bread about 400 gr, rectangular about 7 cm high in tin prviously greased with olive oil.
  6. Put in the oven a water recipient and rise temperature to 115°C
  7. When its hot put your bread and bake 2 h15
  8. Live it to cool before removing it from the tins.
  9. Your Essene bread will keep very well. Some people add a tea spoon of honey, others yeast or even spices.
  10. The ancient people for themselves were used to mix equal % of each ingredients...


The Essenes were members of a small Jewish religious order, originating in the 2d cent. BC. The main sources of information about the Essenes are Pliny the Elder, Philo's Quod omnius probus liber, Josephus' Jewish War and Antiquities of the Jews, and the Dead Sea Scrolls .

The Essenes consisted of adult males and celibacy was encouraged. The Essenes lived as a highly organized community that held possessions in common. Ceremonial purity entailed scrupulous cleanliness, the wearing of only white garments, and the most strict observance of the Sabbath.

The Essenes believed in the immortality of the soul. Their practice, common among many Jewish groups, of purification through ritual immersion may have been a significant influence on the development of the rite of baptism in the early Christian church. They condemned slavery and prohibited trading because it led to covetousness and cheating; they avoided luxury, abhorred untruthfulness and forbade oaths, with the one exception of the oath a new member took after two years of probation. In this oath, the member pledged piety toward God, justice to men, honesty with fellow Essenes, preservation of the sect's secrets, and proper transmission of its teachings.

The Essenes subsisted by pastoral and agricultural activities and handicrafts; they avoided the manufacture of weapons. There is evidence of Persian and Hellenistic influences in the sect's thought. The Essenes' belief in several Messiahs is thought by some to have been a major influence in the development of Christianity.



The Essenes were members of an ascetic Jewish sect of the 1st century BC and the 1st century AD. Most of them lived on the western shore of the Dead Sea

All our ingredients making the ESSENE bread are 100% Organic

The Essenes or Essenian









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