Our family (I was born on French Island of Corsica where all my family still resides & Julie* is -proud to be- from Cornwall). We started in 1987 with a small Bakery shop in Aylesbury. In 1988, as a result of the increasing demand a wholesale branch of the business was made and shops were openned in Berkhamsted (bakery and coffee shop), Chesham, Amersham all in Herts and Bucks at the time. Over the years the wholefood organic market has grown and it is now an accountable sector of the UK economy.

The sprouted family business started in France in 2003, together with a roasting coffee business and coffee shop.

Breadlink ® UK moved back in the UK in 2010 and Mymill was lounched in 2011 . We are fully dedicated to the development of innovative bakery ingredients and products such as sprouted flours and mixes.

Anthony my son is also a qualified baker with years of industry experience. Focused on developing and delivering solutions to our customers, we enable them to use our strengths as a resource. We are committed to ensuring that our brands and products are continually revitalised to keep pace with changing consumer demands.

The combined capability of our expertise, enables us to remain at the forefront of the industry. Our company has a dedication to perfection in the strict respect of tradition. Breadlink ® is actively working to supply the best flour selections from France while covering some other baker's needs.

Please take a look at the newly member of the Treadshire family : www.roastino.co.uk


Our Values

If we opted for this type of trade is that we strongly believe in the welfare provided by the consumption of organic products. Of course in terms of our Food Hygiene, our health but also for all the values that represent the consumption of organic products in the food chain and in respect for the environment.

Promoting ethical organic foods : Organic food is the only real alternative for our planet not to become a real trash and so there is not anything on our plates. So we have a duty to inform our customers and the general public, educate if necessary ... We are among those who think that our future is in our hands. Without being alarmist, awareness must be rapid and widespread.

In this, we agree with the "green attitude". .In this, we can rely on our knowledge of dietetics and natural products, our life experience to advise our clients on the shelves including diet products.
However, we are just traders. We do not claim to go beyond our capabilities. We therefore recommend to our clients, whenever necessary, to consult health professionals for any pathology beyond the scope of simple food hygiene.

Ethics biological organic products on offer openings a wide range of products : Our desire is to sell only high quality products from organic origins. We want to maintain a very wide range of products and strong experience over 20 years, the store offers a wide choice of brands. For this reason we wish to remain independent, do not be franchised to keep this freedom of choice, always select the best products for their nutritional quality or efficiency and not for financial profit is the product.
Please note that our store is known for providing a wide range of brands and not always the most publicized!. This is our difference we wish to preserve and make fun of the most demanding customers.

Our prices are calculated with the usual margins of the profession. The difference in price with competition plays in one way or another according to promotional campaigns .However, organic products are more expensive than in traditional commerce, it is true for several reasons:

  • Organic farming uses more labor and cost per square foot is higher
  • The whole chain of organic is more concerned to ensure that each stage has a fair compensation that everyone is entitled to expect
  • The concept of organic fair trade is an economic reality.

Where is the economic logic? We are confident that in the long term organic food is cost effective at the community level. But more expensive does not necessarily mean higher budget ! Ethical organic nature means refusing the waste. The abundance of food is to eat seasonal vegetables, drink fewer soft drinks, learn to cook grains, perhaps to spend more time cooking . It must also be willing to devote more budget to food and probably happen far more frivolous things. In 50 years, the food budget has been shrinking in favor of other expenses, is there not a rebalancing to find?

When you eat organic, the effects are multiple:

  • Improved nutrition leads to better welfare
  • Action to citizenship for the preservation of the environment
  • Limiting Medical Costs
  • Better distribution of wealth.

Ethical organic Provide an alternative to traditional trade : A product of organic agriculture is more natural than a product of conventional farming that you find in the traditional trade. However, biological product does not rhyme with "sanitized" or "tasteless", it has taste, it is better, that's undeniable!

Ethical organic attitude is quickly find the pleasure of eating an organic apple, a cookie without sugar added ! All those who cook with organic products will tell yo that the flavour is incomparable whether cereals, legumes or vegetables or even better fresh food! Eating should be fun, we are against the idea that you only eat for food!

Also what is the logic of supermarkets that open biological lines ? Propose an organic section next to one full of sodas or other! Is this reasonable? If the nature of ethical organic develops producers and processors of organic products will not suffer the same pressure as in traditional commerce. Eventually, everyone loses.